Does the Short Period of Resistance Training May Improve the Sleep Quality? Pilot Study


  • Luis Felipe Tubagi Polito
  • Douglas Popp Marin
  • Carla Giuliano Pinto de Sá Montenegro
  • Marcelo Callegari Zanetti
  • Marcelo Villas Boas Junior
  • Helton Magalhães Dias
  • Roberta Luksevicius Rica
  • Júlia Mascarenhas
  • Aylton Figueira Junior
  • Maria Regina Ferreira Brandão



Purpose: The present study aimed evaluated the influence of exercise program on sleep quality of sedentary individuals. Methods: The study evaluated 30 subjects after resistance training session constituted by six multi-joints exercises (leg press, chest press, machine let pull down, seated machine shoulder press, crunches and machine trunk extension) three times a week for 40 days. The intensity of the effort was controlled using the follow criteria: the ideal repetitions for each set was between eight and fifteen. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Questionnaire (PSQI) was applied before and after training period. Results: There was a significant effect of short-term resistance training on all sub-scores of PSQI (p0.05). Conclusion: The resistance training program was able to improve the sleep quality in healthy subjects. In addition, the applicability of low-cost instruments (psychometric instruments like PSQI) to evaluate health parameters, which could be strengthened by other studies.


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Polito, L. F. T., Marin, D. P., Montenegro, C. G. P. de S., Zanetti, M. C., Junior, M. V. B., Dias, H. M., Rica, R. L., Mascarenhas, J., Junior, A. F., & Brandão, M. R. F. (2019). Does the Short Period of Resistance Training May Improve the Sleep Quality? Pilot Study. Manual Therapy, Posturology & Rehabilitation Journal, 1–5.



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