Effect of running exercise with and without the use of equipment Kangoo Jumps, in postural control: a case study.


  • Rodrigo Franco de Oliveira
  • Priscila Daniele de Oliveira
  • Stheace Kelly Fernandes Szezerbaty
  • Laís Campos de Oliveira
  • Juliana Serpeloni de Almeida
  • André Wilson de Oliveira Gil
  • Vitor Hugo Antunes Assis
  • Raphael Gonçalves de Oliveira


exercise; postural balance; running


Introduction: There is increasing interest from the general population, the search for the most suitable and safe exercise programs. Some equipment, such as Kangoo Jumps (KJ), allows performing exercises with less impact on the joints,
and probably infer on postural control. Objective: To investigate the effect of exercise submaximal exercise running with
and without the use of equipment KJ on postural control variables. Method: Participated in the study with an individual 20
years old, male, equivalent to 86kg of body weight. The test was to evaluate the postural balance using a force platform
with bipedal before and after conventional and adapted from Cooper (using the KJ) test support. The equilibrium parameters were recorded: (A- COP in cm2) of displacement of the center of pressure; average swing speed of the COP (MVeloc in
cm/s) in the anteroposterior planes (A/P) and medial-lateral (M/L). Results: The results showed that after using the equipment KJ, A-COP (-39.70%) MVeloc the A/P (-20.66%) and M/L (-20.48%) were best compared with the race without using
KJ test. Conclusion: It is concluded that after running exercise on submaximal exercise with the use of equipment KJ had
become favorable outcome for postural balance. One such reason would be because of its system of absorption and dissipation of impact, which allows a better activation of the proprioceptive system through increasing the speed of afferent estimate. The intervention of this study shows that the use of the KJ has significant equipment to maintain postural stability
near control values benefits. However, further studies are needed, due to lack of evidence of the parameters of this equipment and the small number in our sample.


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