Study of the autonomic function in pregnancy


  • Wagner Santos Araújo
  • Jefferson Petto
  • Alan Carlos Nery dos Santos
  • Francisco Thiago Oliveira de Oliveira
  • Cauê Santos da Mata
  • João Carlos Mantese
  • Maria Cristina Cury
  • Dirce Maria Sigulem
  • Guilliano Gardenghi



Autonomic function; Pregnant; Autonomic Nervous system; Pregnancy; Heart rate variability.


Introduction: Pregnancy is characterized by physiological changes related to the formation of an ideal environment for the fetus.
This period is not unusual occur deviations from normality, as well as imbalance between the various body systems, especially the
autonomic nervous system, which can result in pathological conditions. Objective: To evaluate the cardiovascular autonomic function
and in accordance with gestational age pregnant women in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter, by studying the Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
Method: Were evaluated 20 pregnant women enrolled in a Basic Health Unit. The protocol was divided into two phases with 10 minutes
duration in the left lateral decubitus (LLD) and 10 minutes in the sitting position (SEDT). Evaluated: heart rate (HR), Parasympathetic
Function (HF) and Function Friendly and influence Parasympathetic (LF), Balance sympathetic / parasympathetic (LF / HF), systolic blood
pressure (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) and Respiratory Rate (FR). The DLE phases, SEDT and the transition between them were compared in
each trimester. The transitional period and both times were also compared separately according to gestational age. The moments 0min
(A), 10min (B) and 20 min (C); were also faced, and finally comparing the quarters 1 (D) 2 (E) and 3 (F). Statistical analysis was applied to
Friedman’s analysis of variance. Results: Compared to the steps (0min- x10min- DLE DLE / SEDT x20min- SEDT) in the 1st quarter, there
was no significance for HR, SBP, DBP and FR. In the 2nd quarter, when analyzed times (0min- x10min- DLE DLE / SEDT x20min- SEDT)
with each other, not reach significance the variables HR, SBP, DBP, RF and LF / HF ratio. By analyzing the times (0min- x10min- DLE
DLE / SEDT x20min- SEDT) of the 3rd quarter, it was for HR, SBP, DBP, RF and LF / HF values without significance. Conclusion: This study
indicates the existence of significant changes in the autonomic nervous system and cardiorespiratory.


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Araújo, W. S., Petto, J., Santos, A. C. N. dos, Oliveira, F. T. O. de, Mata, C. S. da, Mantese, J. C., … Gardenghi, G. (2015). Study of the autonomic function in pregnancy. Manual Therapy, Posturology & Rehabilitation Journal, 1–6.



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