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Effects of Pilates on postural balance and functional autonomy of elderly: a randomized controlled trial

Oliveira, Lais Campos de; Pires-Oliveira, Deise Aparecida de A.; Prado, Rafaela Claudia Alves do; Oliveira, Danielle Pereira D’avanso de; Antônio, Tiago Del; Oliveira, Rodrigo Franco de; Oliveira, Raphael Gonçalves de

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Introduction: The Pilates method has become popular as a form of exercise, with good acceptance among the elderly, however, some variables need to be further explored, as the functional autonomy and postural balance. Objective: An objective of this study was to verify the effects of the Pilates method, based on the functional autonomy and postural balance in elderly women. Method: We recruited 24 volunteers who were randomly divided into two groups: experimental group (GE) who performed Pilates (n=12); Control Group (CG) who performed exercise static stretching (n=12). Both had a frequency of twice a week for eight weeks. The evaluations consisted of a battery of tests for functional autonomy of the elderly, the Group of Latin-American Development to the Maturity (GDLAM) protocol, six-minute walk test and static postural balance on a force platform. Results: The results showed significant results for GE in two tests of functional autonomy and the overall rate of functional autonomy (p<0.05). Differences for the other tests were not found. Conclusions: The intervention protocol with Pilates, allowed the improvement of functional autonomy in elderly women, not having an effect on the six-minute walk test and the postural balance.


Aged, Postural Balance, Exercise Movement Techniques.


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